I don't charge an arm & a leg. I want teeth!

Let me capture your beautiful smile, or your moody look, for photos you'll love!

One of the things I always let my clients know is that prints can be ordered directly from their gallery, or they can print their own downloaded photos.

But let's talk about some of the importance of printing your photos. Let's talk about digital images. Yup, they're in the cloud, on Instagram or maybe on your phone. But have you ever been locked out of a social media site? Lost a phone? Heard of computers crashing or business going under?

I've experienced these, and I have photos of my kids that are gone, between an external hard drive that crashed and had corrupted sectors that couldn't be recovered, an "Instagram Killer" app that after two years went under, and even Google Picasa being retired (yes, the photos are still under Google Photos, but imagine having them somewhere else that was no longer accessible).

Printing your photos make them physical, a tangible thing you can look at, or even hold if it's a photo of a recently lost loved one. Yes, you can pinch and zoom, or use one of those TikTok filters that brings their face to life, however, digital may not always be a thing, whereas prints will always be there for you.

A photo taken just 6 months ago can be on your camera roll, but you may have forgotten it was there, whereas that photo of your great-great grandfather from the late 1800s is still there for you to see. If those prints are in your living room, in a row down your hallway, or that special person on your nightstand next to your bed, you are reminded of those special people in your life, or lives long ago, on a daily basis. This is why printing to me is so important and I'll always stress it. Like these photos in this graphic of Claire, I have many of my favorites in my office of those that have been in front of my camera, but I also have photos around my home of my family.

Save your family history in print. Even if it's 4x6" prints from your phone's camera roll, you'll have them to cherish and even to pass down to your great-great grandchildren.

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